Potting Bark™

A matured, British pine bark chip, mid to dark brown in colour, with virtually no fines, designed for incorporation into peat-based or peat-free growing media, to improve both air-filled porosity and long term structural stability. Also an excellent pot mulch to suppress weed, moss and liverwort growth. This product is from FSC Mix Sources at a minimum of 70% and is Soil Association approved.

Key Benefits – Pot Mulching

  • Coarse enough to present a dry surface and allow free passage of irrigation
  • Free-flowing, easily covering the entire surface of the pot with no gaps
  • Evenly graded so ready to knit into a resilient, wind-resistant surface
  • Resistant to shrinkage on drying so no gaps appear
  • Very easy to apply either by hand or by machine, with minimal requirement for protective clothing and no formal training required
  • Non-damaging to stock – non-phytotoxic and no restriction on protected crops
  • Competitively priced against herbicide use and hand weeding
  • Long lasting enough to maintain an attractive appearance until the time of despatch – a single application is all that is required

Key Benefits – in growing media

  • Promotes strong, active rooting
  • Considerably reduces winter losses caused by water logging
  • Because virtually all fines have been removed, the entire product contributes substantially to improving air-filled porosity
  • Can be used on all types of standing out area, including sand beds, gravel and capillary matting
  • Enables up to 40% less peat to be used in the mix
  • Suitable for ericaceous and non-ericaceous subjects due to low pH
  • Allows complete flexibility of fertilizer additions due to low inherent nutrient content
  • Imparts long-lasting stability to compost
  • The incorporation of Melcourt Potting BarkTM can give a measure of pathogen suppression, as has been demonstrated in ADAS/HDC trials, where significant control of Fusarium wilt in cyclamen has been identified. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the phenomenon exists for other pathogens, including Botrytis and Pythium
  • Ideal for use in direct sticking media
  • Excellent as an additive to a wide range of peat alternatives


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