Forest Biomulch®

A versatile, wood-based mulch from our ‘economy’ range suitable for a wide range of professional landscape applications, including structure and roadside planting, car parks and superstores. Particularly effective when a ‘woodland floor’ finish is required

Nominal Particle Size Range: 1 – 45 mm

Key Benefits:

  • Suppresses weed growth replacing expensive shrub bed hoeing and chemical weed-killing
  • Conserves soil moisture, minimising drought stress and plant death and eliminating the need for excessive plant watering
  • Enhances the appearance of new and existing planted areas
  • Successfully used for many years on sites throughout the UK and proved to perform extremely well
  • Provides an insulating layer, substantially reducing the effects of ground freezing and over-heating during extreme weather conditions
  • Good resistance to wind and rain erosion
  • Slowly improves the soil’s organic content, as it decomposes into the soil
  • Easy to lay and install, using simple tools and requiring little subsequent maintenance
  • Allows clean access onto mulched area for plant pruning


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Available in bulk bags and bulk loose if you need larger quantities