January Jobs in the Garden

Grab the New Year by both gardening gloves! Melcourt’s technical director Catherine Dawson shows you how to plant a tree, take root cuttings and get mulching January. A new year with all the hope and promise that it brings – this year more than ever. Many of us were thankful for the sanctuary of our gardens throughout 2020. Our vegetables patches and patio gardens were a place where the world hadn’t...(more)

Four Frosty Gardening Projects

Gardening year at an end? Melcourt technical director Catherine Dawson shows you there’s still plenty of garden jobs to dig into this December Winter approaches. A season of calm in the garden. A time to put the flower beds to bed and batten down the hatches. But when the weather is mild and you have time on your hands, you might not be ready to hang up your gardening gloves! The...(more)