Information for gardeners about the harms of using peat and the reasons for being #peatfree

We’ve produced this information board to set out the facts about the environmental damage which extracting peat does and the case for being #peatfree. In preparing it we’ve been greatly assisted by Richard Lindsay who is Head of Environmental and Conservation Research at the Sustainability Research Institute, University of East London. (  Richard is an internationally respected specialist in the ecology and conservation of peatland ecosystems. We’ve also been helped by...(more)

Conservation Action at Squires Down in Dorset report a good year for Barn Owls

As always it was good to hear from the volunteers at Conservation Action at Squires Down in Dorset who we help with a little bit of sponsorship. The land called Squire’s Down was purchased in 2007 and was originally a stubble field. Planning permission was given to change the use of the land to encourage wildlife. Ground work was carried out during October and was completed by the end of the...(more)