If you want to reduce single-use plastic in your business here’s how Melcourt can help you.

We've all seen the issue of plastic use in UK horticulture take a far higher profile over the last 12 months. At Melcourt we take this seriously and are looking to play our part in reducing the amount of single-use plastic. For those customers who want to do the same, we have developed a unique system to suit some of those retailers which builds on the experience of  edibleculture The big...(more)

How do you turn a tree into a tent?

On the face of it this just the kind of challenge that members of the 5th Kettering Scouts might face during some kind of survival training but these tents came from a tree in a more indirect way. We gave the 5th Kettering some bags of award winning SylvaGrow peat-free compost (main ingredient tree bark!) they grew and sold some plants and put the proceeds towards these new tents - as...(more)