SylvaGrow on the move

Sales of Melcourt SylvaGrow® are already at record levels but our guess is that they’ll increase even further now that this trailer has hit the road. It will be based near our Tetbury production facility, bringing raw material from nearby sawmills which will be graded and composted to form the basis of our different #peatfree products. The tractor unit and trailer are owned by A.W. Jenkinson Transport Limited, one of the...(more)

The Melcourt stockist family keeps on growing

It’s hugely gratifying to see the number of Melcourt stockists growing. Since the start of this year alone we’ve added 51 bringing the total to over 500 across the UK (compared to less than 100 just five years ago).  This means it’s easier than ever to buy our #peatfree products - although we still want more and better coverage to fill in the geographic gaps. For those without a local stockist...(more)

Melcourt from the air

This video clip gives a drone's-eye view of our production facility at Long Newnton near Tetbury, Gloucestershire, as evening falls. The footage was taken by Darren Vertessy (who took the still we posted the other day) and shows our deeply rural location to great effect. Fitting, isn't it, that products which hold such sustainable credentials are produced in such a setting?(more)

Here’s hoping for a cracking Easter

The Easter week-end is fast approaching so time to remind everyone that the office will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. We're keeping everything crossed for a cracking week-end: the forecast is good so we hope that garden centres are busy, that our professional grower customers get lots of calls to send more plants, and that we get lots of calls to send more #peatfree product!(more)

Our work doesn’t stop when we’ve sold the product

All Melcourt Garden & Landscape products are tested continually. These pictures show our recently launched SoilAssociation approved SylvaGrow® peat-free planter for organic growing doing its stuff brilliantly. Left to right: herbs one month after planting, strawberries full of tasty promise, and peas, 29 days after sowing which will soon be good enough - to eat!(more)

Boldridge Brake at sunset

This drone picture by lorry driver Darren Vertessy shows our production facility in all its rural splendour. The large building in the foreground houses our bagging lines. The office is towards the centre of the image. The white objects are poly-wrapped product awaiting delivery. What a sight...and what a site!(more)

Melcourt Industries feature in The Parliamentary Review

An important event in the diaries of both politicians and business leaders, the March release of The Parliamentary Review sees the document highlight the best practice of organisations across the private and public sectors, sharingsome of the most exciting and forward-thinking work that has occurred in the country over the last year. The Review is edited by former minister The Rt Hon David Curry. Melcourt Industries are the UK's leading manufacturer...(more)

Please bear with us if you can’t get through to the office…

We've been notified of some possible power outages this week as work is undertaken to improve the local electricity distribution network. This might affect your ability to contact us and our ability to deal with emails quickly. There could be an outage today and again on Thursday 4th April, both for indeterminate periods. We'll be diverting the land line to a mobile but this will restrict the number of calls we...(more)

Melcourt SylvaGrow® Multipurpose Peat-free Compost and SylvaGrow® with added John Innes are Gardening Which? recommended peat-free composts….yet again!

SylvaGrow® has been a consistently high-scoring compost in Gardening Which? trials since its launch, whilst SylvaGrow® with added John Innes is regularly among the top-scoring peat-free composts for sowing seeds and raising young plants in their annual trials.* “There’s a commonly held but mistaken view that peat-free composts don’t produce the same results as peat-based products,” says Melcourt Technical Director Catherine Dawson. “These and other independent tests conducted over the years...(more)