Bury St Edmunds is Blooming Marvellous

We reported in early June that Bury St Edmunds in Bloom is undertaking a trial to see if they can remove peat from their hanging basket displays. We were delighted to sponsor the trial and even more delighted to see that so far there is no difference in performance between the 170 Sylvamix hanging baskets and the peat-based ones. Sylvamix® Hanging Basket is formulated to cope with extremely high watering demands...(more)

Our expansion plans include a walk on the wild side

Demand for Melcourt peat-free products has increased across the board to the point that we need to expand our production facility by creating more storage and mixing capacity. This means going into land which is immediately adjacent to us, a move, on the face of it, which is extremely straightforward even though it involves an investment of around £250,000. Enter stage left, Great Crested Newts and, stage right, Badgers. There is an...(more)