Plastic not so fantastic: where we stand on the issue.

The environmental impact of throwaway plastic bags, packaging and other containers is increasingly plain to see in our cities, towns and villages and on every roadside verge. The less visible but no less toxic impact on marine life is visible to anyone who watches a river flow to the sea and is increasingly highlighted on TV news programmes and documentaries. Most people now say we should use less plastic, but where...(more)

Sound advice from the Vertical Veg man

Mark Ridsdill Smith, otherwise known as “The Vertical Veg Man“ discovered by accident in 2009 that it is possible to grow a lot of food on a balcony. He also discovered that while he loves living in a city, he loves it even more when he can grow in it too: he and his family eat better food, chat to more neighbours, recycle their waste food in a wormery, watch the...(more)

Trials to see how Bury can bloom peat-free

Andrew Brain, Catherine Dawson, Rebecca Davis and Melanie Lesser with one of the Sylvamix peat-free hanging baskets Environmental credentials, including peat reduction, play an increasing part in the judging criteria for Britain in Bloom. The Bury St Edmunds in Bloom team decided to pick up the gauntlet and we are delighted that that their hanging basket supplier strongly recommended Melcourt Sylvamix® as the chosen peat-free product. Melcourt is sponsoring the compost...(more)