World’s largest flower about to bloom in Sylvamix®

Titan arum, the world’s largest flower – and possibly its smelliest – is about to bloom at the Eden Project. Grown in Melcourt Sylvamix®,  the flower attracts insects by emitting the smell of rotting flesh. The corm weighs a staggering 35kgs and as at 26th June the flower stood at 91cms. You can follow its progress and find out more on a webcam here(more)

Our MD calls for more forestry planting to include conifers

An article in Horticulture Week entitled ‘Softwood felled for plant health doubles’ (Horticulture Week 29 May 2015) prompted our managing director Andy Chalmers to write to editor Kate Lowe to highlight a current and extremely serious issue affecting UK Forestry and future timber supply. Andy highlighted the fact that the current level of new woodland and forest planting has dropped from in excess of 26,000 hectares per year, during the late...(more)