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Welcome to Melcourt Industries Ltd

Melcourt is the UK's leading supplier of mulches, growing media, play surfaces, soil improvers, equestrian surfaces, biofilters and others, based on bark, wood and other natural materials.

A leader in innovation and high quality for nearly 30 years, Melcourt has developed a range of products that is second to none, with unparalleled technical back-up, prompt and efficient delivery, outstanding levels of customer care and all-importantly, excellent environmental sustainability.


Melcourt offers
  • strong product branding, built up over 3 decades
  • complete product range for all market sectors
  • consistent quality, load after load, either bulk loose or pre-packed
  • caring customer technical and sales support pre and post ordering
  • products that are sustainable, environmentally acceptable, recyclable and have a low carbon footprint
  • proven value for money

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The latest issue of Melcourt Grower Solutions is now available to download here


Topics covered include the launch of our new consumer product SylvaGrow®, of our new pot mulch EcoBark TopperTM, and our database of growers producing peat-free plants using Melcourt Sylvamix®



We were delighted to play a key role as sponsors, speakers and tour guides at the recent British Plant Nursery Guide Kick Start Conference.


ABOVE: Growers Derry Watkins of Special Plants, Sue Beesley of Bluebell Nursery and Gavin MacNaughton of MacPlants with Melcourt Technical Director Catherine Dawson

Keynote speaker was Matt Biggs, journalist and broadcaster who gave a rousing talk that was full of passion and drama and kept everyone enthralled. "Nurseries, I love you and I need you to fill my garden with beautiful plants! Use the British Plant Nursery Guide, they are your ally," was his rallying call to the independent nurseries that make up the membership of the BPNG. More...

a model of co-operation in horticulture


Congratulations to everyone at Howard Nurseries for organising such an enjoyable and interesting event on 7th August. The day was organised in co-operation with Melcourt and Fargro but the lion's share of the credit for its success rests with David and Christine Howard and their remarkable team of nursery workers who proved perfect hosts to the100+ people who attended. The day was chaired by Neville Stein, a respected consultant in the horticultural industry. More...



Bournemouth Borough Council has an international reputation for the quality of its parks and gardens and for the high standard of its hanging basket displays: Bournemouth features regularly among the winners of Britain in Bloom. In this context we're delighted to report that all of their plants are grown in Melcourt growing medium, including the stunning hanging baskets pictured which are in a specially formulated mix which will become generally available soon. More...


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Explore the Melcourt Product Range

Landscape - Mulch

Melcourt offers a renowned and unrivalled range of screened bark and wood-based mulches of consistent quality to a written specification, helping reduce the cost of on-going landscape maintenance through moisture retention and weed suppression and providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.    More...

Landscape - Soil Ameliorant, Compost, Topsoil

Melcourt's soil ameliorants, composts and topsoil have been carefully formulated to deliver a wide range of soil improving and plant establishing benefits, ensuring successful, continued and healthy tree and shrub growth.    More...

Landscape - Walk Surfaces

Melcourt Walk Surfaces are proven products used for permanent and temporary walkways and paths. Melcourt natural walk surfaces have been tried and tested and found to meet the needs of most recreational and visitor attractions.    More...


Melcourt is widely recognised as the UK's leading supplier of loose impact absorbing surfaces (LIAS) having built up an enviable reputation for product design, innovation and superb quality over the last 25 years. .   More...

Grower - Sylvamix Peat-Free Growing Media

The Melcourt Sylvamix Range of professional peat-free growing media has provided growers with cost-effective, ready-to-use solutions to growing superb crops without the use of peat since 2001.   More...

Grower - Growing Medium Ingredients and Pot Mulches

Melcourt have been supplying professional growers with bark based growing medium additives and peat replacements since the 1980's.   More...

Grower - Orchid Barks

Melcourt Orchid Barks have been widely used by professional and amateur orchid growers throughout the UK for more than a decade, producing consistently excellent results.   More...

Equestrian - Surfaces

Melcourt's long established reputation for high quality, natural training surfaces for horses has been built on superior knowledge of timber technology and close co-operation with leading professionals in the Eventing and Racing industry.   More...

Bio-Filter Media

For over 20 years, Melcourt have developed the expertise and technology to successfully and cost effectively deal with sewage, waste water and industrial organic odour problems, in a non-toxic, sustainable way.    More...

Reptile Bark

Melcourt Reptile Products provide reptile owners with a superb range of carefully graded bark-based materials suitable for tank decoration and bedding. Extremely attractive and virtually fines and dust free this is an unparalleled range backed up by Melcourt's enviable reputation for consistent product quality and customer service.    More...

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